Strategic Planning, Project / Change Management, Lean, Meeting Facilitation

Project Management

Experts in prioritizing tasks, allocating resources, and keeping the project team on track and on budget.

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Lean Six Sigma

Experts trained to identify and eliminate waste in processes, making them more efficient and effective

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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning involves analyzing an organization's current situation, defining its vision, mission, values, and objectives, and then creating a plan to achieve those objectives.

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Change Management

Can help organizations effectively plan, implement, and sustain change initiatives, improving organizational performance and mitigating the risks associated with change.

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Meeting Facilitation

Our meeting facilitators are skilled in a variety of techniques and methods, such as brainstorming, problem-solving, and consensus building. They use these techniques to lead participants towards a shared understanding of issues and to reach mutually beneficial decisions.

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Client Industries

We have a wealth of experience working with organizations and teams of all sizes.

  • Healthcare

  • Federal and Provincial Government

  • Education

  • Telecommunications

  • Construction

  • Mining

  • Data Management

  • Aerospace

  • Information Technology (IT)